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Computers Write For Us

Computers Write For Us

A computer is an electronic device that procedures information or data. It can store, retrieve, and process data. You probably already know you can use a computer to write documents, send emails, play games, and look at the web. You can also use it to edit or make spreadsheets, presentations, and even videos.

Hardware Versus Software

Before we talk about the different types of computers, let’s talk about two things that all computers have in common: hardware and software.

Hardware is any part of your computer with a physical structure, such as a keyboard or mouse. It also includes all the computer’s interior parts, which you can see in the copy below.

Software is a set of instructions that tells hardware what to do and how to do it. Samples of software include web browsers, games, and expression processors.

Other Types of Computers

  • Many electronic devices today are specialized computers, although we don’t always think of them that way. Here are some common examples.
  • Smartphones: Cell phones can do many things that computers can do, including browsing the Net and playing games. They are often called smartphones.
  • Wearables: Clothing technology remains a general term for a collection of devices, including suitability trackers and smartwatches, intended to be worn throughout the day. These plans are often called wearables for short.
  • Game Consoles: A game console is a computer used to play video games on your TV.
  • TVs: Many TVs now include apps – or apps – that allow you to access different types of online content. For example, you can directly watercourse video from the Internet to your TV.

History of Computer

History of Computer

The worth of computer science can’t be overstated. Computers & technology have transformed every factor of our lives, from the manner we talk to the way we work & learn. They have made it feasible to resolve complicated issues, automate repetitive duties, and get admission to facts from everywhere in the World.

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