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All WhatsApp Audio Speed Tricks Explained

All WhatsApp Audio Speed Tricks Explained

Whatsapp Audio Speed

All WhatsApp Audio Speed Tricks Explained – Among the recent modernizations that WhatsApp has implemented, changes in the speed of voice notes are one of those that have been well received. You may not like it, but its time-saving contribution is undeniable.

When you consider that more than 7 billion sound messages are transmitted daily, WhatsApp audio speed becomes essential. That is why we are interested in sharing with you its main tricks.

How to Speed up WhatsApp Audio

Listening to WhatsApp audio by varying its speed is very simple. You have to follow the following steps:

Hit “Play” the Audio you Want to Speed up.

Where the contact image is, the “1x” symbol will appear. Click on it once for medium speed (2x) and twice for high speed (2x).

If you want to return to average speed, press a third time, and you will be back at “1x”.

How to Remove the Speed of WhatsApp Audios

If you are wondering about disabling this feature altogether, that is impossible. Whether you like it or not, the possibility of speeding up WhatsApp audio up to x2 will be there, and what you can do is not use it. In this way, your audios will always play at average speed.

But, if what happens is that your voice memos are playing fast, and you can’t find a way to get back to normal, it’s elementary. You have to click on the symbol that appears in the message you are playing, be it “1.5x” or “2x”, until it reaches “1x”.

The reason why WhatsApp audios play fast is that they are always played at the last used speed. Therefore, it will be vital for you to manually return to “1x” if you want to listen to it in a standard way.

Accelerate WhatsApp Audios with Applications

Both Android and iPhone have third-party apps that help make voice memos faster. Let’s meet two of the best:

Talk Faster!



QR code


Developer: Jonathan Roizin

Talk Faster! It is one of the top-used apps. whatsupp speeds up the audio at six speeds, although the maximum is 2x the same as in the native app. It also allows you to slow down the audio. Available for Android.

Audio to Text for WhatsApp

‎Audio to Text for WhatsApp


QR code

‎Audio to Text for WhatsApp

Developer: Gianluca Grossi

‎Audio to Text for WhatsApp Screenshot‎Audio to Text for WhatsApp Screenshot‎Audio to Text for WhatsApp Screenshot‎Audio to Text for WhatsApp Screenshot

This application allows you to speed up audio at five speeds, although it was not specially designed for this purpose, but rather to transcribe sound messages into text. Audio to Text for WhatsApp works with over 50 languages ​​and is available for iPhone.

Accelerate Audio WhatsApp Web Version

The WhatsApp audio speed increase is also available in the platform’s web version. Its operation is similar to what I explained to you about it the mobile application.


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