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Apple Event September 2022

Apple Event September 2022

Apple Event September 2022 – Every year it is one of the maximum anticipated events by technology lovers in general and by lovers of Apple devices in particular.

The highlight of the presentation was the new iPhone 14 Pro, but they were not the only devices presented during the event.

Some new AirPods Pro and several models of Apple Watch were also presented.

But let’s go by parts and see the devices in more detail, and we will see them the same way they were presented at the event.

1/ Apple Watch – Apple Event September 2022

Apple’s smartwatch has become a handy tool for measuring your physical exercise, controlling specific health parameters, and many other functions.

Three New Models Were Introduced:

A/ Apple Watch Series 8

It retains the previous model’s design and the sensors to measure your heart rate and blood oxygen level.

Together with the Medication app, you can keep track of the medication you take. This way, you will never forget to take the necessary medicines, vitamins or supplements.

Among the novelties, a new temperature sensor stands out, with which we will have more information about our general well-being.

They highlighted the use of this sensor for issues related to female health, such as the ovulation cycle and its variations.

It also incorporates a new car accident detection function, which will automatically put us in contact with the emergency services in the event of one.

Likewise, we will have new designs of spheres and straps.

b/ Apple Watch SE

[It is the new version of Apple’s cheapest smartwatch.]

[It releases a new chip with better performance and a refined design compared to the previous generation.]

[It shares heart rate sensors and the accident detection function with the superior model.]

w/ Apple Watch Ultra – Apple Event September 2022

One of the event’s surprises was the announcement of this new Apple Watch model, focused on athletes and adventure lovers.

It will be the most resistant and robust model to withstand extreme weather conditions and more demanding use.

The screen is more significant and brighter and includes a new easy-access additional button to activate specific functions efficiently.

Other improvements include a high-precision GPS, a double speaker, and longer battery life.

This is What the New Apple Watch Ultra looks like.

2/ AirPods Pro

Apple’s new headphones feature the H2 chip, which makes the audio quality better than previous models.

We will also notice noise cancellation improvements and greater autonomy of up to 6 hours.

A new touch control has also been added, allowing us to perform different functions by sliding our fingers or pressing on the side of the headset.

3/ iPhone 14

As usual, in the end, they left the presence of the device most anticipated by all. We can choose between four models:

a/ iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus

They differ by screen size, being 6.1 “in the normal model and 6.7” in the iPhone 14 Plus.

It is a reasonably continuous renovation compared to last year’s model. The design is like keeping the same chip but with a little more power.

There will be improvements to the cameras that will allow more detailed photos to be taken and a new action mode that improves stabilization when recording videos.

The accident detection feature will also be available on all iPhone 14 models.

b/ iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max

The models that have received the most news and improvements are the iPhone 14 Pro (6.1″) and iPhone 14 Pro Max (6.7″).

They incorporate the new A16 processor, a brighter screen and a new camera with a resolution of 48 Mpx that captures much more light.

Now, the notch where the front camera and the facial recognition system are hidden is smaller and has the shape of an elongated pill.

Using a very ingenious solution. They have managed to take advantage of the notch area to display notifications, alerts and shortcuts to specific applications.

Through software that area expands and allows. You to interact with it, leaving the rest of the screen free to continue using the iPhone without interruptions.

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