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Why is it Important to know the Consumer? It is your Daily Mission

Why is it Important to know the Consumer? It is your Daily Mission

Daily Mission: Did you know that the consumer is the center of the universe, or at least the marketing universe? Not knowing him is like walking blindfolded, which prevents you from moving forward and can even cause you to start a reasonably close relationship with the floor.

Every business that seeks to be successful on the Internet must understand that its digital actions must focus on connecting with the people most likely to become their customers.

Knowing the Consumer Daily Mission is more Important than you Imagine

First, you must remember that you no longer deal with the consumer of 15 years ago. Things have altered a lot, which is why today, more than ever, it is essential that you get to know him and, above all, that you understand him.

Finding Nemo…

Imagine that you start an expedition to find Nemo, but you have no idea what he is like, what his voice is like, what colour he is, how he behaves or what places he frequents… Do you think you will be very successful? in finding him?

It is the same in the world of marketing and digital communication since if you work to reach an audience that you do not know, you will be spending much more resources on actions that are not very focused.

How should you Start the Mission of Knowing the Consumer?

The correct way to get to know the consumer and understand him is by focusing on the clear and deep definition of your target audience, which must go far beyond creating a simple target since this type of segmentation does not offer you very detailed information about those people who could buy from you or who are already your customers.

Let’s Remember What the Buyer Persona is…

The Buyer Persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal client, a profile that helps you better understand your current clients and prospects.

The Buyer Persona is created based on accurate data, the information you collect from your sales, surveys, interviews and research. In addition to this, and with the actual data, you can use some speculation about their demographics, behaviour, motivations, and goals.

  • A well-done buyer persona gives you information that goes beyond demographics, such as:
  • How is your personality?
  • What are their problems, goals, needs, complaints and objectives?
  • What motivates you?
  • What are your favourite digital channels?

This detailed information puts in your hands the keys to adapting your strategies, actions and content to have much healthier relationships with the most important people for your business: customers.

But Why will it be your day-to-day Consumer Daily Mission?

Because the work of knowing and learning from the consumer is something that never ends, you learn from him daily through every like, every message he sends you, every page he visits, every positive and negative comment he makes, and every conversation you have with him and every product or service he buys. One of the most fabulous riches of the buyer persona is that they are not left alone in their creation; instead, you constantly feed their profile as you learn.

In Summary…

Knowing and understanding the consumer is important because when you do it in depth, connecting with him is much easier since you know his problems and how you can help him solve them. With this information, you have to plan the combination of actions you will carry out daily to attract, convert and retain them.

It’s enough to spend time, money and effort using the wrong platforms, poorly segmenting advertising, hiring the bad influencers… All because you don’t know your consumer well enough.

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