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What are the Five Pillars of Digital Marketing?

What are the Five Pillars of Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing: They are essential elements that must be taken into account by every business when having an Internet presence since they will help it to sustain itself, remain, achieve its objectives, stay current and grow, even in times of crisis.

What are the 5 Pillars of Digital Marketing?

When I started to conceptualize this, well, obviously, I did my research. When I put in Google the Keyword “pillars of Digital Marketing”, what I find are a series of lists of digital marketing tactics, tools and platforms, which I find funny considering how much things change on the Internet.

I am not saying that these tactics, platforms or tools are unnecessary… I will NEVER say that. However, to be called PILLARS, I understand that they must be essential elements in the survival of Internet business, so we should not call a “pillar” something whose validity may be perishable.

Having said this, I share with you what I have baptized, from my experience, as the 5 Pillars of Digital Marketing, a digital marketing implementation model made up of a group of elements and actions that, applied in an organized and strategic way, make up the basis of a solid digital presence that is successful, sustainable and poised for growth. These pillars are:

  • Self-Knowledge
  • Client
  • Purchase Cycle
  • Contents
  • Strategy

In the time I have immersed in Digital Marketing, I have discovered and embraced the importance of these five elements for every business. I have seen that the most successful are those who pay attention to them, and now we will see why.

The First Pillar: Self-knowledge

You would be astonished by the no of companies that do not know their identity and still hope to connect with the consumer.

How do you expect other people to know if you don’t know who you are? That is why the first step before starting to publish wildly on the Internet is introspection:

  • What are you doing?
  • What sets you apart from others?
  • But more significantly: why do you do it?

Understanding this will completely transform how you project your business and transmit it to the consumer.

The Second Pillar: The Client

What business survives without customers? If you find one, let me distinguish, and I’ll leave this.

The customer is the heart of your business, so maintaining a healthy relationship with him should be your number 1 priority. You must know and understand his problems and needs, his preferences, the digital platforms he prefers, how he consumes content, etc.

The customer is the heart of your business, so maintaining a healthy relationship with him should be your number 1 priority. You must know and understand his problems and needs, his preferences, the digital platforms he prefers, how he consumes content, etc.

And when I speak of a client, I mean the one who has not arrived and is already with you.

This is where the Buyer Persona enters the scene, that semi-fictional profile that represents your ideal client.

In addition, the tools you use to manage your relationship with that client from the first contact also play an essential role here… Yes, I am referring to the CRM.

How you treat, that customer is critical to the survival or failure of your business.

The Third Pillar: Purchase Cycle

Do you know the route that the consumer crosses to reach you? That is to say, he takes a series of steps before becoming your client and even after his purchase.

Knowing the purchase cycle allows you to carry out actions to connect with the consumer in each of these steps through different activities.

Many businesses are unaware of this information; in many cases, those who know it ignore it. And that is why we see them advertising on networks, billboards, television, etc., but when you search for them on the Internet, you find very little information. Since they are focusing, more than anything, on generating stimulus advertising, they are not there for the consumer when they need it most.

The Fourth Pillar: The Content

What is the best way to connect with consumers through their purchase process? Well, through the content.

Content is the fuel of a successful digital presence.

The content is the answer to all consumer questions, but this content must be:

  • Useful
  • In suitable format and extension
  • Prompt
  • Relevant

The content you share should help people solve their problems, but beware; it is not about crazily creating content. You must carry out an organized content development process, which will allow you to obtain positive results, that is:

  • More engagement
  • More conversions
  • More sales

The content will be what will make the consumer discover you, get to know you, trust you and become your client.

That content is what will speak for your business, so make sure that what you say reaches the heart and mind of the consumer, not just their pocket.

The Fifth Pillar: The Strategy

That series of steps will lead you to achieve your business goals.

This pillar is like a beam connecting the five posts with your business. This is where you define:

  • What is your starting point?
  • What do you want to achieve? Qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • What route will you take to reach those goals?
  • What specific actions will you take to achieve those goals?
  • How will you implement those actions?
  • And how will you measure the performance of those actions?

The strategy will allow you to give continuity to the operation of your business even if the platforms fall.

The strategy is what separates you from the businesses that have spent all the time of Coronavirus ONLY doing lives, or from those that only publish famous phrases and anniversaries. EYE: it doesn’t mean it’s terrible, but MY GOD… There are many other actions.

In other words, strategy is what keeps you from going around throwing flying kicks.

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