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Everything you want to know about Advertising,

Everything you want to know about Advertising,

Everything you want to know about Advertising, then Propaganda is here! – Buying and selling are two activities frequently practised by human beings. But it is useless to manufacture an exceptional product without an efficient publicity campaign.

If you are interested in the world of communication, get ready to discover everything about Advertising: in today’s post, we have selected the most common questions from pre-university students. Before choosing the ideal career, you must know the answers to these questions.

Are the concepts of Advertising and Propaganda Synonymous?

Perhaps this is the main doubt of those about to enrol in this degree. Many people, including students, tend to get confused and believe that they have the same meaning, but there are differences,

Advertising is any communication that aims to propagate an idea, a belief or a product without necessarily having commercial interest. Thus, there are advertisements of a political or religious nature, for example.

If, at this point, you are speculating what Advertising is, we answer: that it is communication that aims to persuade the public to consume a product or subscribe to a service; the goal is to convert a consumer’s desire into an acquisition.

To be a Publicist, is it Mandatory to be Creative?

Creativity is essential for anyone wishing to enrol in the Publicity and Propaganda course in RJ. Still, it is not the only one: there are incredibly creative people with low persuasiveness, for example.

But whatever your profile, remember that one of the functions of graduation is to enhance the skills necessary for the exercise of professional activity. The job market is so broad that it absorbs professionals with different characteristics.

What Does an Advertiser do? – Everything you want to know about Advertising, then Propaganda is here!

During a changeable and challenging work routine, the publicist must prepare a media campaign, considering the most appropriate vehicles for it to reach the target audience.

But this is not as simple a job as it may seem: the campaign cannot turn into a stroke of luck. To arrive at its definitions, the professional must coordinate studies that reveal information about potential consumers’ primary desires and needs.

Based on previous analyses, it is an action and reaction mechanism in which the advertiser already predicts the public’s response, whose conclusions serve as a starting point to increase visibility or reduce rejection levels of a particular brand. However, its most audacious objective is to awaken the audience the desire to own a specific product.

What is the Advertising and Propaganda course like?

The purpose of the Advertising and Propaganda course in RJ aims to prepare the student to meet the stresses of an increasingly demanding market, working in the planning, creation, production and dissemination of new campaigns.

The Marco-Zero School Agency was created for students to experience practical situations during graduation, which also offers internship opportunities. Not to mention the complex photographic, video and radio production laboratories and studios.

After reading today’s post, you already know what to say when someone asks what Advertising is. Next to the Faculty of Journalism this is one of the main branches of the Communication field. But do you know how to choose the best course among so many options? Visit our website to learn more about Unigranrio’s pedagogical proposal.

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