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Gaming Keyboard. What is the Best Gaming Keyboard? Advantages and Disadvantages

Gaming Keyboard. What is the Best Gaming Keyboard? Advantages and Disadvantages

What is the Best Gaming Keyboard? Advantages and Disadvantages – Doubt you are one of those who use the computer almost exclusively to play PC games such as League of Legends, Apex Legends, Overwatch, Valorant or other massively multiplayer online (MMO), real-time strategy or battle arena (MOBA) games, or one of the ten best video games in history, surely you know the importance of the functions linked to keys and buttons. Therefore, you know that a mechanical [gaming] keyboard is essential for playing video games. But what advantages does it offer us compared to a conventional keyboard? Is there so much difference between a keyboard and a gaming keyboard?

What is a Gaming Keyboard? What is it for?

A gaming keyboard, or mechanical keyboard, differs from other types of keyboards in that they have their keystroke mechanism, making each of the keys independent. In addition, they last up to 50 million keystrokes, whereas conventional keyboards last between 5 and 10.

With a compact gaming keyboard, a higher quality experience is achieved in each action. One of the main disadvantages a gaming keyboard can cause is the noise when pressing its independent keys. However, depending on the models, you can always find a silent mechanical keyboard. The key is to find the switches or switches that best suit your type of push button, being able to differentiate between switch red (red), switch brown (brown), switch black (black), switch blue (blue) or other types of custom buttons.

What is the Difference Between a Keyboard and a Gaming Keyboard?

One of the essential differences between gaming keyboards and normal ones is that conventional keyboards are membrane keyboards; they use a single flexible membrane under the keys, while gaming keyboards use individual buttons. Using a membrane keyboard for a long time can lead to conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

As we have already pointed out, the useful life of mechanical keyboards is more extended, being able to withstand an average of 50 million keystrokes compared to 5 or 10 million keystrokes of membrane keyboards. In addition, if a key breaks, you only have to change the switch of said key, something impossible in membrane keyboards since if the membrane is damaged, it can be disabled up to an area of ​​​​the keyboard.

Advantages of a Gaming Keyboard

One of the main advantages of a mechanical keyboard is its performance, which is why it is an excellent option to use in gaming. Modern keyboards such as the illuminated gaming keyboard have been designed to attract attention. This class of keyboards have LED lights on the keys that are programmable and fully illuminated during operation, offering a different experience during the game.

Another benefit of a mechanical keyboard compared to membrane keyboards is its durability since its mechanical structure prevents it from wearing out quickly. In addition, the response time of gaming keyboards is much lower, thus offering a better typing experience by responding faster and individually. This is what is commonly known as “anti-ghosting” technology.

One of the aesthetic advantages of mechanical keyboards is that you can completely customize them. If your tower is white, you can easily find a white gaming keyboard, like this HP white keyboard and mouse combo. Also, with a critical extractor and a set of keycaps, you can change your keys to more eye-catching ones, for example, the letters WASD, Q and E, if you play shooters. And if you have a small desktop, you will find a small gaming keyboard that lacks unnecessary keys for gaming.

If you are concerned about the high price of these accessories, you can opt for a cheap mechanical keyboard such as the Tacens Mars Gaming MCP1 keyboard or the Logitech K120 gaming keyboard. You can get a gaming mouse and keyboard pack like the Mars Gaming Combo keyboard model. At Euronics, you will find the best value-for-money gaming keyboard.

What Type of Keyboard is Best for Gaming?

When choosing between the different models of mechanical keyboards, you must consider the sensitivity of their switches or switches. The finest [gaming keyboard] is the one that suits your keystrokes and the way you play. Deprived of a doubt, one of the best keyboard brands is Logitech.

A wireless [gaming keyboard] does not need a connection cable to carry out the keys’ operation; you must pair it correctly via BlueTooth with your computer. They are very comfortable models so as not to have cables in between, and you can even play or write remotely without any problems.

On the other hand, if you still prefer a wired keyboard for convenience, the new USB [gaming keyboard] models connect easily through the USB port to offer a fast and quality connection.

Do not think twice and look for the [keyboard] that best suits your needs to live a good gaming experience. This type of mechanical keyboard is what you need to win every game. Then if you are looking for a gaming experience but do not have a desktop PC, we recommend the best Acer laptop for gaming. An other for those who want to enjoy their favourite video games anywhere.

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