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Ideas for your Photos for WhatsApp Status

Ideas for your Photos for WhatsApp Status

photos for WhatsApp status

Ideas for your Photos for WhatsApp Status – The WhatsApp Status function is easy to use and is gradually gaining popularity among users. It comes in a tab and allows you to update your status with any image from your phone gallery.

There is no limitation to clicking a photo/video using a WhatsApp camera. Once you tap on the Status tab, you will be taken there automatically. This post explains applying your most creative ideas when putting photos for WhatsApp status.

Images for WhatsApp Statuses

In the WhatsApp states, you have multiple possibilities for working with the images. You can draw and place emojis on the photo. In addition, you can add a caption that will be displayed at the bottom of the photo or video when your contacts see it.

Since 2017, WhatsApp Status has supported animated images, so you can post the GIFs you’ve saved to your camera roll or photos app. Follow these instructions to post images to your Status on WhatsApp:

Open WhatsApp > tap  Status .

Select the camera icon option or My status:  to take a photo, record a video or GIF. You can also add a comment or edit them.

You have many alternatives to practice in your publications, so get to work! Here are some ideas…

1. Post photos for funny WhatsApp Statuses

A person with a funny personality needs cool statuses for WhatsApp. The use of dynamics has worked for many users where a series of emojis are offered to send messages in code, phrases with an unexpected or spicy outcome.

Here are some image options that can bring a smile to anyone who accesses your profile.

2. Includes Beautiful images for WhatsApp Statuses

The original photos for WhatsApp will give a unique touch to your situation. With them, you provide a personalized touch to what you publish and will awaken your creative skills.

The beautiful photos for free WhatsApp profile attract users’ attention and more if you add your style in an editing process.

3. Select Images for WhatsApp of life

From time to time, it is better to get a little philosophical because with these WhatsApp statuses to reflect on. You can encourage a friend who is in need without the need for them to tell you about the situation they are going through.

How to Edit a WhatsApp Status Photo?

WhatsApp status photo

After choosing your WhatsApp status photo, you can easily edit it. In the editing options, you can crop the image, add text on the picture in a colour of your choice, add emoticons, etc.:

Add filters to your liking:

Taking a photo automatically opens the image editor. You can start by adding filters (although essential, they give your images a unique touch)

Swipe up, putting your finger on the word Filters.

Please tap on the different filters to see the image preview with each of them.

Once all the tool options have been exhausted, you can go to another one or click on the image so that the filter menu disappears.

Crop the Image

You can crop the image so that one of the parts that interests you is shown or rotate it in case it is not well oriented:

Tap on the Cropping Tool.

Click the rotate button to rotate the image (it will rotate counterclockwise). Each click on the button will turn the image 90º.

To crop it, you need to adjust the grid guides. The piece of the image that you leave inside will be the one that remains finally.

Add Original Stickers

Click on the sticker icon.

Next, choose the model you want to add to your publication.

It will be automatically added to the photo, and you can move, rotate or resize it.

Some stickers allow you to change colour when you tap the colour bar on the right.

Add the stickers you want. Just repeat the procedure.

Add Text

This feature of adding text to images is different from creating statuses that contain only text. Above the image you want to publish as content, you can add text written by yourself or pasted from the clipboard:

Click on the Photographic Camera Icon in the White Text Box.

Activate the camera, take a photo or select one of your files (You will see that once this is done, the editing tools will be automatically activated).

At the top of the screen, you’ll see the pen for drawing, text options, and even emoticons. Click on the pencil to start writing (You can’t choose the font of the letter, but you can choose the colour).

When you have placed the text, you can move it around the image, rotate it, and change its size with your fingers.

Dare to draw

This Tool Allows you to Draw with your Finger on Top of the Image with the Colour of your Choice:

Tap the drawing icon at the top of the screen.

Use your finger to make freehand drawings.

Select the colour by sliding your finger up or down on the colour bar (You can select a different colour for each stroke you draw).

Once you have applied some of the suggestions that we leave you in this post, you have the options to choose with whom to share your WhatsApp status updates.

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