Have Fun Playing the Invisible Friend WhatsApp – Who does not enjoy a good game of invisible friends? This pastime rarely disappoints on particular dates or at any other time of the year. And it is that it has everything: intrigue, surprise, laughter and as if that were not enough, a gift at the end.

Unsurprisingly, WhatsApp has become an ideal vehicle to facilitate the game. In short, it entails specific organization and communications that the platform makes possible, perhaps like no other method

Therefore, an invisible friend WhatsApp does not distance itself from tradition but rides it on the bandwagon of modernity. Here I will leave some tips so you can do it most efficiently and pleasantly.

Invisible Friend Online by WhatsApp

The first noticeable thing is that a game that has always had face-to-face, as a rule, through WhatsApp, can spread worldwide. Although, of course, the closer everyone is, the more fun everything will be.

Perhaps you think that the first thing to do is the drawing of the invisible friend on WhatsApp. But, you may want to organize everything first, and I suggest you follow these steps:

Create a WhatsApp group with all the participants in the game. In the group information, you can put details such as the budget, the date when the gifts must be ready, etc.

Through the same group, they can agree on when and where they will meet to exchange gifts from the invisible friend of WhatsApp, if they will send each other secret messages, and establish the “rules”.

You can now go to the draw of the invisible friend by WhatsApp. The best way is to use one of the applications for this purpose, and I will tell you about them later.

Communicate the result of the invisible friend draw individually to each participant in the game through the WhatsApp chats you have (or create) with them.

Now your invisible friend online can start working.

Whatsapp invisible friend giveaway

Is WhatsApp Invisible?

Many Secret Santa games include funny,  secret messages that increase the anticipation for the gift and, ultimately, the fun.

Unfortunately, this cannot be done by WhatsApp, so it is good to alert your friends not to discover the move. There is no way for them to send a message without being recognized.

The only possibility they have is not to be included among the contacts of the other participant. If so, the latter will see only a number he does not know. But if, as indeed happens, they are all contacts of the others, don’t even try; WhatsApp will always give them away.

It doesn’t mean they should give up this part of the fun; it just means they should go back to the traditional format. There are no “little secrets” that are worth with WhatsApp.

Secret Friend App

I already announced that many applications facilitate the draw for your invisible friend, freeing most of them. But it’s not just that. These tools help you with other aspects of the game. Let’s see:

Secret Santa 22

This application is one of the most popular for online sweepstakes, such as the invisible friend. It has a version for iPhone and another for Android and works autonomously. You can accompany it with other platforms, but not necessarily.

Secret Santa 22 allows you to create a group in which you incorporate all the participants, and the draw is held in that same group, the results of which you can inform everyone by WhatsApp.

Invisible Friend

Another viral app. It allows you to insert exceptions in the draw so that two people you do not want to give to each other are not matched. It does not carry out a massive interest but decides the pairings.

There is an app for iPhone and another for Android that, although they have the same name, are not the same. However, they work the same, so the differences are imperceptible.

Secret Santa App

This app is for face-to-face drawing. You must create a group with all the participants, define who should not be paired, and pass the phone to everyone present.

Each participant will click on the “Get Names” option, which will generate a message with the identity of the person to whom the gift should be given. It would help if you didn’t let other players see this information.

This app is available only for Android. The App Store has one with the same name, but its operation is different.

Options for All Tastes

I mentioned only three apps, but there are many more. They allow you to make your groups of friends invisible with and without email and send the results via SMS. In short, multiple options. WhatsApp’s invisible friend is here to stay.