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What are the Most Profitable Jobs in Finance?

What are the Most Profitable Jobs in Finance?

the Most Profitable Jobs in Finance In the business world, finance is the most critical role, bringing together many professions with varied missions. From managing a company’s budget to controlling expenses, some positions have a bright future and are better paid than others. Here are the ten highest-paid jobs in finance.

 Administrative and Financial Director (Daf)

With a gross annual income between €60,000 and €150,000, the administrative and financial manager, or CFO, oversees a company’s accounting, financial and administrative departments. He is also assigned management and financial strategy assignments and works closely with the company’s general management.

ACTUARIAL CONSULTANT – What are the Most Profitable Jobs in Finance?

The gross annual salary of the actuarial consultant varies between €50,000 and €150,000, to which bonuses are often added. This professional finance deals with and analyzes a company’s or government agency’s financial conditions and provides recommendations on financial actions to increase profits. Generally working on behalf of an insurance company or a bank, the actuary anticipates risks by drafting specific contracts.


Working for different clients under the status of an employee or freelancer, the trader’s mission is to generate profit by selling and buying financial products. Earning an average of €70,000 gross per year in France (excluding bonuses), he has established himself as an expert on the financial markets and perfectly masters the fluctuations and risks incurred. The confirmed trader can also be an investment advisor.

FINANCIAL Controller

Depending on their seniority, a financial controller can earn between €30,000 and €100,000 per year. For this, its mission is to supervise the expenses, finances and accounts of firms and companies. It also guarantees compliance with the legislation in force and WITH ACCOUNTING STANDARDS. It is responsible for preparing comprehensive reports for senior management and making recommendations on financial management.

CONSOLIDATION MANAGER – What are the Most Profitable Jobs in Finance?

Generally acting with a large group, the consolidation manager is responsible for centralizing the various subsidiaries’ accounts to manage accounting and finance as if it were a single entity. Its purpose is to faithfully transcribe the economic reality of the group to the hierarchy. A consolidation manager has an annual salary between €50,000 and €100,000, depending on experience.


With an annual salary of between €50,000 and €80,000 gross, the accounting director is commissioned by companies and groups to supervise, coordinate and supervise accounting teams, but also to guarantee the accuracy of accounting entries and their compliance with different standards. . He must therefore monitor tax and accounting regulations, and carry out audit schedules.

Director of Treasury and Financing

This finance expert plans the cash flow and financial management of companies , to optimize and secure financial flows. He is in charge of finding partnerships and financing, but also of managing the company’s collection policy. The treasury and financing director may also be called upon to advise the financial director in the event of financial fragility. His average salary is €60,000 gross per year.

Head of Internal or External Audit

The internal or external auditor is responsible for verifying the legality of a company’s accounts and checking the reliability and sincerity of the financial data transmitted. After the audit, he creates detailed reports that will be sent to the various investors and provides advice to companies. The head of the audit receives an average annual salary of €70,000 gross.

Finance Project Manager

With an average annual salary of €70,000 gross, the finance project manager analyzes a company’s financial situation and plans the budget’s management and evolution. He must ensure the smooth running of the project, ensuring the best relationship between meeting deadlines, quality of services and cost.

M&A EXPERT – Profitable Jobs in Finance

Specialized in the management of the financial operations of companies. The expert in mergers and acquisitions intervenes during an IPO sale or merger project. He can seize all financial opportunities to provide sound advice and carry out the company‘s. Most advantageous financial transactions. An M&A expert earns, on average, €70,000 gross per year.

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