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Price Research Methods for Decision Making

Price Research Methods for Decision Making

Price Research Methods for Decision Making – Usually, as a customer, one knows how much one is willing to pay for some products or services, but, as a company… It is essential to know our customers’ perceptions when setting the cost of a product or service. That is why today we discuss the price research methods you can implement.

The decision-making process to set prices considers the market’s capacity, seeing the readiness of clientele toward purchase. Consequently, let’s ask ourselves: how can we do pricing research right? Keep reading because we will find out.

What is Price Research? – Price Research Methods for Decision Making

Price research is a research method used to assess the prices of a product or service. Study changes in demand and supply within the market.

Pricing research is valuable in understanding our options relative to the competition. It’s a fantastic tool for identifying improvements we can make to get ahead of them.

As we can see, the main objective is to improve profitability by observing and analyzing price behaviour. This approach allows us to learn how pricing affects business growth and development, ultimately impacting sales.

We use price research to increase revenue and reduce costs. These results are achieved by optimizing the prices of our products or services in the market. However, it is fair to remember that price research has a quantitative origin. This fact means that we focus on a specific number of people and, in fact, collect quantitative data from them.

Remember that pricing research is applied to assess your pricing strategy’s development regularly. In detail, it is used for marketing efforts when evaluating new ideas, launching new products or services, and making critical adjustments to our sales strategy.

Why is Price Research Necessary? – Price Research Methods for Decision Making

First, pricing research provides a strategic initiative and framework for launching a product or service or adding new features.

Second, it can be said that price research is an essential exercise for new horizons, markets, start-ups and successful competition. Obtaining absolute numbers from them clarifies information about consumer expectations and the elasticity of demand. This practice will increase the chances of retaining customers.

By conducting price research, you understand the limits of the price range available, allowing you to maximize profits. Another important thing: price research lets you know where the very same 1-2% changes in price can bring 10-20% profit. Go figure.

What are the Most Popular price Research Methods?

Here are some of the most commonly used price research methods for conducting a study:

Van Westendorp

This method identifies key psychological price points by surveying consumers and understanding how much they are willing to spend on a product based on their responses. As a result, it allows you to see a price range that might be appropriate and the drop in consumer interest that occurs as the price increases.

Conjoint Analysis

Conjoint analysis is a survey-based method that allows studying the processes of people when creating multifaceted choices. Smooth decisions like choosing a pair of shoes or discovering a restaurant represents mental studies that lead to our selection.

Monadic Tests

Monadic tests ask respondents for their opinion about a concept and what particular attributes and characteristics they like or dislike.

The board audience is divided into several groups presenting one of the concepts and asking questions about it.


A price question that is rummage-sale in review investigates the price bounciness of crops and services. Decisive the price of a product or service is an essential step and one of the most critical decisions for any organization.

It must be recognized that all products have a price. Until lately, costs were considered the responsibility of the financial departments of companies and were set based on quantitative mechanisms and independently of the rest of the marketing variables.

Pricing Research Examples – Price Research Methods for Decision Making

Have you ever wondered: “how are we making a profit selling products and services at that price?”

Imagine a cookie store at the mall. The store charges $1.50 for each cookie and $1.29 for the soda; He has about 25 clients. If you don’t have a calculator handy, that adds up to more than $70 an hour: not much. The store will go out of business in its first year because of overhead and labor costs.

This story reflects the importance of getting prices right, which could mean putting employees out of work.

Pricing is hard to get; too much pricing can turn off customers, and too little can make the product look cheap. Not to mention that you have to consider competitors’ prices and employees’ salaries; the list of variables that affect price sensitivity seems endless.

In this phase, research through the different price research methods can help. For example, understanding which features of products and services are most important to your target audience and their willingness to pay for valuable items. This knowledge will allow companies to focus on the product’s strengths, which will dictate the appropriate pricing model.

Take the example of Apple: why are so many people willing to pay so much for an iPhone? They did a great job studying their high-end users and focused on the essential features: photography, gaming, app development, and music. High-end users are willing to pay a premium for the best technology and expertise in these areas.

This practice gave Orchard apple tree the incentive to invest heavily in these technology areas: users and usage lead to better products.


Now you know how you can carry out a study through the different price research methods and pardon what containers do for your business. So, we invite you to explore new opportunities, evolve the strategy and get to know your clientele. All of these actions are necessary and exciting for any company.

Of course, any investigation method is helpful for a project; one of them is price research. As we have learned today, pricing research will improve the overall quality and market positioning on a sound scientific basis when used correctly.

Since we are talking about quantitative data, the best and most accurate way to carry out a price research strategy is to implement research software that helps you discover the insights that matter most. With QuestionPro, you can manage your price research the right way.

QuestionPro is the perfect pricing research software to uncover complex insights that can boost your commercial. Appeal for a demo and learn more about the different price research methods you can implement.

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