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Social Networks for Business: 7 Benefits and Advantages

Social Networks for Business: 7 Benefits and Advantages

Social Networks for Business: 7 Benefits and Advantages – Whenever I say that the centre of a brand’s digital presence is its website, I don’t mean that social media is irrelevant. Instead, by this, I mean that social media is not everything in the digital presence of a business but only a part that, by the way, plays an essential role in the process of generating clients.

There are businesses that, due to budget, investment or other factors, cannot create an entire power presence in the first instance. I always recommend working in stages for these businesses, where social media play a fundamental role since they help them to put an order in the house and work on positioning. At the same time, they develop or upgrade their website and work on capturing the resources they need to add digital assets to their strategy gradually.

Every business must have a strategic and adequate presence on social media since it generates excellent benefits.

Some Social Media Marketing Statistics

Social Media Statistics, Advantages And Benefits Of Social Networks For Business

Now we will delve a bit into more specific benefits and advantages of having an excellent social media presence for the business.

What are the Benefits and Advantages of Social Networks for Business?

Social Networks for Business_

  • Positioning and increase of brand awareness
  • Building and developing a relationship with the client
  • Opportunity for improvement thanks to feedback
  • Increased web traffic and search engine rankings
  • Improve brand loyalty and authority
  • It helps you get to know the consumer better
  • Increase in sales

1. Positioning and Increasing Brand Awareness

Social media are ideal platforms to increase your business’s awareness and visibility, allowing you to promote your brand daily through the content you post.

Protip: publish shareable, useful and valuable content for the people who follow you, increasing the chances of achieving results.

2. Building and Developing a Relationship with the Client

Social media lets you establish close relationships with your customers and prospects. Every interaction works on building that goal because every time you answer people’s questions ON TIME, you increase their level of satisfaction.

Your customers and prospects need to know that you care about them and not just sell to them.

Protip: Add a human touch to your posts by responding to your followers’ questions and comments. You can also train your employees to respond to negative comments or complaints with empathy.

3. Opportunity for Improvement Thanks to Feedback

Through social media, you have a platform that allows you to listen and pay attention to what people have to say about your business. These reactions and feedback help you improve as long as they are considered.

Honest, genuine and accurate feedback eliminates the bias of other mechanisms that allow knowing the consumer’s perception.

From there, you must keep the good and correct the bad.

4. Increased Web Traffic and Search Engine Rankings

On the one hand, by placing your business website URL in the descriptions of your social profiles, you invite people to click and visit it. Also, if you include links to your blog content or web updates as part of the content you post on social media, it’s another way to redirect traffic to your website.

On the other hand, search engines detect the constant activity in your business profiles around your website. That is one of the factors that influence your ranking. [See SEO]

Reach the hearts of your followers with quality content that they can easily share.

5. Improve loyalty and Brand Authority

The highest percentage of social media operators are millennials, who also form the most extensive consumer base. This generation engages brands on social media and develops strong relationships.

Studies show that around 62% of consumers who interact with brands on social media become loyal customers.

Sharing timely, relevant, original and credible content increases the authority of your business. Interacting with your customers improves their level of satisfaction and encourages them to share information about your business.

6. It Helps you Get to Know the Consumer Better

Understanding the needs of your customers and prospects helps you introduce products to the market to satisfy them, generate better content to connect with them, and make it easier for you to make decisions when planning new marketing actions.

Social media is one of the leading resources to obtain insights about your consumers. Each reaction to your content, complaint, comment, question or concern gives you accurate information about them.

7. Increase in Sales

One of the best benefits of having an excellent social media presence is increased sales. If we analyze the six benefits above, we can conclude that the sum of all of them will eventually lead you to increase your sales.

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