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The New Technologies

The New Technologies

The New technologies – Indeed by now, we will have read a lot of information in articles and reports in various media about the so-called new technologies however, the concept is almost always mentioned about the appearance of new and fantastic solutions in the form of ultra hardware and software. Futuristic. But the new technologies cover much more ground than the design of more intelligent or economical devices.

New technologies are also methods and concepts applied in other scenarios, such as education. When incorporated into teaching, they can help improve or directly replace current and traditional educational systems. The information media also benefit from new technologies since they have been able to extend their range of action and report in areas to which they previously did not have access through other channels that were not their own, such as the Internet.

At this point, it should be noted that new technologies, as we will treat the subject in this article, do not imply the use of revolutionary computer solutions, as we mentioned, but rather a set of compelling and also very versatile tools from time to deliver information to a specific audience more quickly and effectively.

That is why from now on, in this article, we will use this meaning each time we mention new technologies. With this in mind, from this point, we will find out how and in what way new technologies can be helpful in  ​​education, the media and other areas in which it is necessary to deliver information in a timely and concrete manner conveniently and concretely society. Super technical of our days.

What are the New Technologies?

The first article we need to know is that the concept of new technologies, in the areas that concern this article, must be interpreted as a set of digital tools, that is, those that we must use through computers or other types of devices, intended to improve the exchange of information between people, regardless of their geographical or social situation.

The so-called new technologies encompass all the digital media that in recent decades have allowed us to have more accessible and more direct access to information, such as the Internet, storage media such as CDs, DVDs, memory cards, etc., the Cloud, email, instant messaging and all related devices and tools that allow us to consult said information through them, often free of charge.

These digital media allowed us to have easier access to information than ever before, which favoured learning and the perception of what was happening around and in the rest of the world for a good part of the population that otherwise would not be able to reach these contents, fundamentally due to the ease of transport and transmission of these elements.

The tools of new technologies play a fundamental role in fundamental aspects such as teaching and communication since, in the case of education, they allow the implementation of new educational methods and thus establish new links, which are more enriching for learning. Then the immobile paragraphs of textbooks since the concepts to be learned can vary and improve according to what emerges from research and studies.

In addition, one of the best achievements of technology applied to these areas is that these contents are available to everyone. It is only a matter of being in front of a computer to access and study them for our benefit.

New Technologies and the Internet

But where perhaps the tools provided by new technologies have changed the way of doing things is in the media, mainly graphics and television, which have been static for several decades. Thanks to the massification of the Internet, the media can now keep their readers and users informed in real-time, but not only that, but the users themselves today can be the ones who report the news so that the media can spread it on a much larger scale.

There is no reservation that the Internet has managed to obtain an immense mass of users in just a few years, incredibly greater than television, radio and any other means of communication combined. What took radio, newspapers and TV, in some cases, more than 100 years of development to become known and accepted, the media that opted for the Internet only needed a small fraction of that time to become omnipresent.

However, the Internet allowed not only the dissemination of the contents of the media. Already entrenched in the market further and faster but also the creation of small media. Outlets with less budget and fewer contacts with power, which can reach to have the same credibility as the mass media.

What are the new Technologies for?

Email, distance learning, e-books, and all the other technologies. We use to study or work these days took time to become part of the social fabric yet. Once embedded in the material, they caught on. Force, to the point, that it would be impossible. Many to undertake a single day of their lives without the assistance of some device or service dependent. On the Internet. But to get to this point, technology had to come a long way.

Technology over the centuries has allowed us to make truly amazing discoveries. Without the gadgets invented centuries ago. It is possible that many of the comforts we enjoy today would be science fiction.

Before the computers we know, the ancients first developed the clay tables that allowed our ancestors to do their calculations. Blaise Pascal would arrive with his calculating machine. Then the analytical engine, and already in the 20th century, ENIAC, UNIVAC and other computers. To get to this point, centuries must have passed.

But by the mid-1970s and early 1980s, everything began to move incredibly. Thanks to the knowledge acquired thanks to the technology itself. At that time, the first personal computers as we know them appeared, and everything changed forever. Then came the Internet, intending to stay for a long time.

As we can see, this is a highly compensat journey of many years. Still, the idea is to show how it was possible to take inventions. That were creat centuries ago to unforeseen extremes in a few decades. This means that technology continuously adapts to the new demands and ideas that arise with each stage of Humanity.

Technology took us to radio

then to television, and finally to the Internet. When the Internet began to develop, it was not thought to establish. Itself as one of the most important means of information, but rather the most important. Through the Internet, communication channels could be found that have revolution how people communicate, study or inform themselves. That is why new technologies have a powerful influence in these times. And are practically omnipresent, since we can use them from any device we have at hand.

The use of new technologies, although, on the one hand. It offers a multitude of advantages, such as not being limit by barriers of time or distance. The truth is that it also hides several disadvantages related to the depersonalization of treatment, indifference and isolation even communicating. Among many other social problems associated with the use of new technologies. To delve a little deeper into the subject, further down in this article. We will find a lot of information about the advantages and disadvantages of new technologies.

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