Types of Keyboards for your Computer. How Many Exist? – Fix you love spending your free time playing video games? Do you work with monitors and keyboards every day and want to find the most suitable one for you? You have reached the indicated post. At Euronics, we are going to reveal everything you need to know about the various types of computer keyboards that exist and what the characteristics of each of them are.

The Different Types of Keyboards that Exist

Today there are many computer accessories you can find to add to your computer and improve your gaming experience or your comfort when working in front of the screen. One of these essential accessories is the computer keyboard, which is necessary for writing, playing games and performing all kinds of tasks.

Therefore, today you can choose from many types of computer keyboards. Those most basic and that you have indeed used at some time are the types of mechanical keyboards. These are the descendants of typewriters since you must press their keys to use them. There are also touch keyboards, present above all in tablets and smartphones with screens of this type. And those that are hybrids between the latter two have also been developed. We are talking about panel-type keyboards. Its mechanical action is minimal, but it does not amount to a tactile action as such.

But in addition to classifying them by their technology, you can also consider their design or connectivity. Depending on the method, each keyboard may be geared more toward one activity than another. For example, those that are lighter and more portable are ideal for people who have to travel or move to other places a lot with their electronic devices and keyboard. And on the other hand, those gaming keyboards will have more ergonomic designs, designed to provide comfort with hours and hours of use. These also usually have backlit keys, in a single colour or several, to give originality and improve the keyboard’s visibility in darker situations.

As for the connection, in this case, you can decide whether you prefer a wireless keyboard or one that connects to your monitor via a cable. Those wireless will connect via Bluetooth and allow you to avoid threads in between, but you must pay attention to your battery. Those with the line are usually cheaper and do not require any battery, although moving from one place to another will be more cumbersome.

Various Types of Keyboards for you

Do you need help choosing a suitable PC keyboard for your needs? Don’t worry; you know that at Euronics, we help you with everything you need for your home. Below we will recommend some options.

Logitech MX Keys Mini Minimalist Wless Illum KB Keyboard

The first type of keyboard that we suggest is a panel type. With keys that are very easy and quick to press, which is beneficial for typing quickly at work. This Logitech keyboard is a small and compact one, ideal for you to take to your meetings. Logitech MK710 keyboard and mouse, trips, congresses… In addition, it is a wireless option that works with Bluetooth, so you will not walk with cables here and there, taking up more space. It has a beautiful pink design and supports mobile operating systems such as IpadOS and Android and Windows operating systems such as Windows 10 and 11.

Logitech MK710 Keyboard and Mouse

In this case, we present a keyboard within the types of QWERTY keyboards, just like the previous one. Which as you know is the most used essential layout standard in Western countries. But the finest thing about this model is that it comes with a mouse . And both have features that give you extreme comfort. On the one hand, the mouse is contoured to fit your right hand perfectly. On the other hand, the keyboard has a soft palm rest, LCD screen and numeric section. It is an ideal keyboard for work and winning all your games.

Logitech MX Keys Combo for Business Keyboard RF Wireless + Bluetooth Spanish QWERTY Graphite

This next model is a keyboard designed for designers and ready for coders. So if you work in the field of computer science or digital design, this is your option. It is a type of panel keyboard with keys that are very comfortable to use. They have a concave and spherical shape with rounded edges that adapt perfectly to your fingertips. In addition, they have more excellent stability that will reduce annoying typing noise and optimize their responsiveness. This also features an ergonomic mouse as well as a separate palm rest. They also work wirelessly, and this keyboard. Will give you up to 10 days of battery life on a full charge or up to 5 months with the backlight off.