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USB Type C, the Latest In Connection Systems

USB Type C, the Latest In Connection Systems

USB Type C, the Latest In Connection Systems – With new devices come new connections, one of the latest being the USB Type-C port. We have enjoyed machines with USB-type C ports for a couple of years. Several brands have opted for this type of connection

What is USB Type C?

A USB type C connector is much more versatile and smaller than other USB devices. Its oval and reversible design and small size allow this type of connector to be connected without any specific orientation. In recent years it has become the standard model used by brands. In addition, this type of connection offers a higher speed of data transfer and intensity of the electrical current, which facilitates the rapid charging of the device.

On the other hand, this type of connector is compatible with different functions, such as replacing the headphone jack, the Displayport, or even with a USB type C; it returns the HDMI.

Features USB Type C cable

Many characteristics define a USB type C connector or charger, among which we can highlight:

  • Size: It is minimal and measures 8.2 mm x 2.6 mm thick. Without a doubt, it has a much smaller size than the classic USB.
  • Energy charging: it offers a transmission of up to 20 volts, making it much faster to charge the battery of different devices. You can enjoy fully charged batteries thanks to this fast charge in just a few minutes. In addition, if the [USB type C ]port is compatible with USB Power Delivery, you can enjoy a much quicker amount.
  • Rescindable design: It allows you to connect the USB C cable anywhere. It does not matter if you click the cable from the right or the other way around, and that is, it does not matter the orientation in which you connect this cable.
  • Fast transfer: this type of connector can reach 10 Gbps speed during transmission. So you can stream high-quality, heavy-duty content in just a few seconds.
  • Excellent compatibility: this type of connection is multifunctional since it is fully compatible with DisplayPort, HDMI ports… Well, it not only transmits energy but also allows the transmission of data and videos.

All this makes it a USB connection with many advantages, and today you can also find an adapter to [USB type C] to connect any of your devices. So to enjoy a high-quality link, you have to choose to buy a USB type C to charge your devices or transmit your data in a matter of seconds.

Devices with USB Type C

The new mobile phone models have [USB type C ]among the various devices.

An example is the Samsung Galaxy S20 8Gb/128GB Gray unlocked phone, which only has a[ USB type C] connection. Therefore, its input for headphones is also type C. This smartphone has everything you need to enjoy your content in high image quality. In addition, thanks to its 8GB RAM, you can enjoy the maximum performance even if you spend all day using your mobile. You will even have all the space you need, thanks to its 128 GB of storage.

On the other hand, we can also enjoy this connection on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 4Gb/64GB Silver tablet. Its 10.5-inch Super AMOLED screen offers excellent image quality. So if you want to like your multimedia content, its screen will surprise you. In addition, it also has four speakers and a Dolby Atmos sound system with which you can enjoy 3D surround sound. Thanks to its 7,040 mAh fast-charging battery, you can enjoy up to 15 hours of fun without interruptions.

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