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Whatsapp Broadcast lists: What they are and How to Create Them

Whatsapp Broadcast lists: What they are and How to Create Them

WhatsApp broadcast lists

Whatsapp Broadcast lists: What they are and how to Create Them – No messaging app attracts more people than Whatsapp. Over the years, this tool has been adapted to the most basic needs of any user.

Today we will touch on a very familiar topic for fans of marketing and promotion: WhatsApp broadcast lists. We will explain what they contain and, in a few steps, teach you how to create one.

How do Broadcast lists Work on WhatsApp?

The broadcast list allows you to send a text message or media file to multiple people at once without having to add them to a group. This greatly benefits you as you won’t disturb people’s privacy, and it would increase the probability of attention.

According to the Whatsapp Help Center, there are some peculiarities when using broadcast lists. Let’s see:

You must make sure that the sending contacts have you registered on their phone.

Each user can create infinite lists.

You can select up to 256 contacts in each Broadcast List.

Create a Broadcast List on WhatsApp

We come to the exciting part, through a few steps, we will teach you how to create a Broadcast List on WhatsApp :

Go to the top right of the app interface and press the three dots. Then select the option called “New Broadcast”.

Choose the contacts that will receive the message to your preference. Always remember that you can only select 256. If not enough, you will need to create another list.

Type the text or select the media file to be sent in the broadcast message.

Whatsapp Broadcast

Edit a broadcast list on WhatsApp

After the list is created, WhatsApp allows us to edit it at will. This option is recommended if you want to change their name or make any changes to the contact selection:

Find the Chat on the Broadcast list and Enter.

Stand at the top right and press the three dots. Then choose the section “Info. of the list”.

To modify the number of members, you must go to “Edit recipients”. On the other hand, if your purpose is to change the name, you must touch the three points and find the option.

You can add more members to the broadcast list from the last step. Instead of changing the name, select “Add recipient”.

Delete a WhatsApp Broadcast List

After our list has fulfilled its intention, it should be removed. Learn how to get rid of one below:

Long press on the list you need to delete to select it.

Tap the delete can icon at the top of the screen.

Tap “Delete” on the confirmation notification displayed on WhatsApp. In this message, you can order to delete the multimedia files shared in the list from the gallery.

Why don’t Broadcast Messages Arrive?

There is a common concern in the community that uses Broadcast Lists for the first time: Some senders do not receive the message. This problem has two straightforward solutions to execute, and we show them below:

You can ask your contacts to register you on their phone or to check if they have registered you correctly. They have to go to WhatsApp Contacts and select to add a new contact or edit an existing one.

Another difficulty that can cause messages not to reach people is that you are on their blocklist of contacts. It often happens that we get to block someone’s connection due to past problems or by mistake. It is elementary to remedy since you can contact by another means and report the mishap.

WhatsApp Broadcast Group

On Whatsapp Web, there are no broadcast lists

Not being able to send broadcast messages on Whatsapp Web directly is one of the limitations most lamented by users on the Internet.

Luckily, a reasonably simple variant can solve the problem for us: Create such a list on your mobile phone and then open it from the PC.

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