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Why is Finance a Profitable Career?

Why is Finance a Profitable Career?

Why is Finance a Profitable Career? – Finance, what a fancy word, severe and sounds like… boring, right? Many would say that studying a career around this discipline of economic sciences can be tiresome and uninteresting. But the reality is that when you understand Finance, you enter a fascinating world, constantly moving and enriching.

It is not a secret for anyone what finances are. Indeed we are all clear that it is a series of activities related to money, with the goods that a person has and the obtaining of resources, as well as their investment and savings.

And that is precisely what finance studies: the administration of resources, investments and the markets and intermediaries of these. Their role is essential in the success and survival of all organizations, from the state to small businesses and other public and private companies. In that sense, finance career professionals are indispensable.

What do Professionals who Study this Branch of Economic Sciences do? – Why is Finance a Profitable Career?

Professionals who graduated from the Finance Program at Universidad for example, will be able to perform with complete competence in any of the following professional areas:

  • They can be directors or managers, career professionals, consultants or advisers to companies in public and private sectors in areas related to finance, thanks to their basic knowledge of economics, accounting, business administration, production and logistics, marketing, and international business.
  • They can be entrepreneurs and develop their business model or actively participate in a family business, with a high capacity to manage the finance area and supervise its other departments and functions.

You can become a professional specialist in risk management or related positions in any national or international financial institution.

You can develop your professional life to be a trading specialist or any other position related to the finance area of ​​any financial market, physical or digital, local or global.

  • You can dedicate your finance career to financial, personal or business planning management.
  • You can focus on teaching and be a researcher in ​​Finance in any company, entity or public or private institution in the educational sector.

Now that we know better what finances arewe will show you a job option for those who decide on this professional option that you may not have imagined…

With a Finance Career, you can be an Influencer – Why is Finance a Profitable Career?

one of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences graduate. Used all her knowledge in economic sciences and her creativity, imagination and sympathy to teach Colombians how to improve their personal finances.

His YouTube channel opened in 2013. Due to the general doubt of people.His age about how to get money and how to overcome peculiarities. Such as not having a job. Being a minor dependent on parents and the general ignorance of his generation about the economic world…

His objective is to transmit information on financial education. In a friendly and entertaining way an aspect that caught the attention of El Espectador. Where he was the presenter of the digital series ‘Pelaos’, an economic channel of this Colombian mass media.

Like Karem different financial influencers are currently seeking to share their knowledge with the rest of the country, a society. That according to them needs to manage their pockets. Better and thanks to the pandemic and the migration and appearance of new formats and content consumption. Now has access to more topics that strengthen education before leisure through different platforms. Since in Colombia there is excellent content on the stock market investment and financial planning.

Supposing you are interested in knowing more about what finances are. In that case, whether to choose your professional career. To undertake or to improve your pocket we recommend you also follow Colombian influencers such as Jairo Uriber

Finally, we want to invite you to follow your financial and professional dreams. We hope this article has assumed you the material you need to understand what Finance is, and

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