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How to Make a Portability of Mobile, Internet or TV?

How to Make a Portability of Mobile, Internet or TV?

Make a Portability of Mobile, Internet or TV – Carrying out portability is a simple procedure that consists of changing the company and keeping your current telephone number. Generally, when you carry out a port, you benefit from promotions, discounts and offers from the company you want to associate with.

This process is carried out free of charge and is completed in a few days. All the proper operations are carried out during the early morning so as not to harm the user.

At Comparison, we are specialists in comparing internet and mobile offers, and we also offer comparisons of terminals, such as the iPhone X, XS and XR. We can advise you to choose the offer that best suits your needs. We also offer you all the manuals and contents related to the world of telecommunications so that you can save on your internet and mobile bills.

How to Watch TV on Android?

The quality of Android mobiles is better every day and allows us to view any content from the same device without losing much quality compared to the television itself.

Most telephone companies have their apps so that you can see the contracted content from the mobile application itself. Examples are the Vodafone App, the Movistar App and the Orange TV App, among others.

The same happens with DTT channels. Apps such as Atresplayer, Michele or RTVE a la carte allow you to view television content from their respective channels.

Another well-known option for mobile users is the DTT adapter. The most recent Android phones tune in to the signal with the adapter and allow you to watch TV via Wifi.

In conclusion, we have the option to watch TV from Android through apps or the DTT adapter.

Whatsapp for Computer, how Does it Work?

The WhatsApp app for PC is very similar to the mobile version. To be talented in using Whatsapp on a computer, you must have your mobile nearby because it will be necessary to use the QR Code of the application itself.

The first step you must perform is the installation of WhatsApp for the Computer. You can install WhatsApp for Mac or Windows, depending on your computer system.

When the installation has been carried out, you will have to synchronize the mobile and the Computer to allow you to see all the conversations and contacts of the mobile on the Computer. To do this, you must use the QR Code.

You can start chatting from your Computer when both devices are in sync. Some functions, such as making calls, cannot be used in Whatsapp for PC.

How to connect your Smart TV to the Internet?

There are two ways to connect your Smart TV to the Internet. One of them is connecting the television to the router through an Ethernet or LAN cable, while the second option is to do it wirelessly through Wifi. Both options are equally valid, although, from Comparison, we recommend connecting the Smart TV to the Internet with cable since the connection speed will be better.

The Smart TV allows you to watch already broadcast programs, YouTube videos, Netflix, check your networks and many other options. Having a Smart TV connected to the Internet offers a wide range of possibilities to enjoy your smart TV correctly.

Hire the Cheapest Internet

The service price is one of the main factors when hiring Internet at home. But hiring the cheapest Internet is not easy given the many companies and offers on the market.

From Comparison, we recommend that you follow a series of factors, which we explain below, so hiring cheap Internet is the right option.

Internet coverage is the main factor when contracting Internet at home. The coverage offered by companies is getting better and better, but rural areas are primarily affected. Therefore, a check is necessary as only some operators can offer this service effectively.

Wage special attention to the speed of the service you want to hire. Take into account the number of devices you will keep connected because the Internet speed can be slow.

Both factors will be crucial in determining the lowest internet price on the market.

Differences Between ADSL and Fiber Optics

There are two possibilities to install Internet at home based on the ADSL and fibre optic connections. Three main factors are considered to analyze both options: connection speed, coverage and price.

Internet coverage is the main factor when contracting ADSL or fibre optics. The ADSL coverage network is more widespread than the fibre network. However, the fibre network is growing by leaps and bounds and already covers a large part of the national territory. ADSL coverage compared to fibre in rural areas should be highlighted, although the same does not occur in large cities.

The speed of fibre optics and ADSL is one of the significant differences. Fibre can transmit data at high speeds such as 100Mb, 300Mb, 600Mb and up to 1GB, and ADSL, on the other hand, reaches a maximum of 30Mb.

Finally, we must take into account the price of ADSL and fibre. High fibre speeds have a higher cost compared to ADSL. On the other hand, the price is very similar at the lower rates.

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