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What is SEO Positioning, and how Does it work?

What is SEO Positioning, and how Does it work?

SEO positioning, and how does it work – Since the Internet revolution and the birth of the first search engines, many people realized that they could generate income through a web page.

Over the years, Google became the world’s favourite, and the competition from users to stay in the top positions was increasing.

It is resulting in the birth of what we know today as SEO, a science that focuses on web positioning to get traffic through various techniques and strategies.

Uncertainty this is the first time you have heard this name or want to know a little more about it, then this is your lucky day, because we will cover the most important points so that you fully understand the purpose of SEO.

So stay and join me in this entertaining read!

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, improved known by its acronym “SEO“, is a discipline whose sole objective is to position a website through a series of processes that depend on a strategy.

The idea is to try to reach the first search results since 80% of users focus their attention on that area, the other percentage dives until the second page, and from there, that amount decreases.

What does this mean? Almost all the traffic is found in the initial part of the results that the browser throws up, such as Bing, Opera, Yahoo, etc.

Google dominates as the world’s preferred search engine, so all efforts are focused on “liking” this browser to achieve optimal SEO positioning.

So what is SEO? Gain traffic.

And what does it mean to gain traffic? = Get income or a profit.

How does SEO Work? – What is SEO Positioning, and how Does it Work?

SEO works over a series of guidelines that browsers or search engines take into account to define which web page is positioned and which is not according to search intent.

These guidelines would be:

Internal and external links are also crucial in terms of Seo; internal linking must be logical and friendly. As for the external ones, it is recommended that they be from good quality sites and considered valid anchors.

The Keywords or Key Words: they are the ones that define the search intention and the answer that they can give to the user.

The Titles or Titles are one of the essential guidelines along with the keywords because they tell browsers the subject of the content.

The Meta Description is the box we see under the title, and it is used to draw the user’s attention to enter the website.

Headings: not only serve to establish the size of a text but also have the function of creating a hierarchy (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6).

Semantic URLs: at the web architecture level, they are highly considered in SEO positioning since they tell the browser and the user in which area of ​​the web it is located.

The loading speed is a determining factor since the longer a website takes to load, the abandonment of it by users will be too high. And for Google, it is an issue that requires immediate improvement to position ourselves better.

User interaction works wonders when we have a website with quality content. Thanks to this, we can keep visitors longer on our site, and this is very important for SEO

What are the Types of SEO That can be Applied to our Website?

. Let’s see the kinds of SEO used on a website to position it in search engines.

On-Page SEO

SEO On page is all the optimization efforts we make internally to the web to gain a good position in the first search results.

In this aspect, it is analyzed:





Media content.

Load speed.

WPO as a ranking factor

Despite what you think, the WPO or web performance optimization has much to do with the optimization of a website.

One factor that determines the loading speed is that a well-optimized hosting positively affects our positioning.

In addition to the server’s response speed, its stability is essential to Google’s ability to index the content correctly.

Multiple crashes can affect our website if we do not have excellent hosting service.

And as for Seo, this is very negative because the search engines will not consider alternatives that provide a good user experience.

For this reason, when choosing a good hosting, it is essential to analyze all the compulsory providers to make a good decision.

A website specialized in this topic would be Best hosting. Where you will get a complete analysis of all the web hosting companies you can imagine.

Off-Page SEO – What is SEO positioning, and how does it work?

SEO Off Page are all the efforts we carry out externally to climb a few positions on our website.

In this aspect, the links from other sites that point to ours stand out.

What are the SEO Strategies That can be Used on a Site?

Now we will see the existing strategies in the world of SEO. In this technique, you will know ​​what each one entails if we refer to Google.

White Hat SEO – What is SEO Positioning, and how Does it Work?

White Hat Seo is a strategy. That respects Google’s regulations, and we work according to your requirements to achieve a legally positioned web page.

And I say legally because we don’t use anti-browser methods to get a good position in search results.

If you plan to go against Google you will hardly get away with it, and your website. Will take a penalty from which, in most cases, you will not be able to get out.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat is the opposite of White Hat in this case. The expert uses tactics to alter Google results and take advantage of all this.

This strategy can be used in those topics where SEO positioning is hugely complex. But it is also not recommended due to the issue of penalties.

It is not safe, and you have to know the consequences that it can bring you.

Gray Hat SEO

The Gray Hat is a “half-way strategy” because it stands between the White and Black Hat.

SEO tools

To apply good SEO it is not only to consider everything mentioned above. But also to have the appropriate SEO positioning tools.

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