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Saxoprin -Your Shop For Professional Advertising Media

Saxoprin -Your Shop For Professional Advertising Media

Saxoprin- Your Shop For Professional Advertising Media – SAXOPRINT is one of the largest printing houses in Germany and as such. We do not just print flyers brochures or advertising posters. Our offer includes classic office products such as business cards or postcards. Commercial formats such as catalogues brochures and books. To large-format products such as posters, banners, and stands, including impressive displays such as our marquees and banners. Order your personalized advertising support and receive your printed products quickly and on time so you can start your promotion and marketing campaigns as soon as possible. If you do not find a product or have a particular need, do not hesitate to contact us.

Modern Advertising Techniques For Multiple Marketing Ideas

Marketing and advertising supports are incredibly versatile. In addition to fairs and congresses, they can always be used in your facilities, offices, stores, distribution, and customer service points. For example, the Roll-ups allow you to divide areas with a careful aesthetic.

Our counters will enable you to mount small receptions in narrow places. which can be easily dismantled anytime. Patterns hung from the ceiling can be used to define transit spaces light and decoratively. PVC or mesh banners are sturdy advertising supports for outdoor use, perfect for publicizing your events by hanging on bridges and fences. In advertising support. We are the partner that offers you the best services. Print your advertising with the highest quality and promote your products and your company in the most professional way. Our modern technological park and the combination of sheet-fed, rotary offset, and digital printing techniques. Allow us to propose the best quality and efficiency in producing your advertising media and displays. For any questions about ordering our online printing products, do not hesitate to contact us

Rollups – Saxoprin -Your Shop For Professional Advertising Media

The roll-up plays an important role when you need advertising support. That is bright and informal to transport and quick to assemble and disassemble. As specialists in advertising techniques, we offer roll-ups of different sizes and in 6 formats, up to Roll Up XXL, with a maximum wingspan of 2.40 meters high by 2 meters wide. For advertising at congresses or temporary marketing events, our Classic or Premium Design models are ideal. At the same time, we recommend the Rollup Outdoor for outdoor use as a complement to draw attention to your store or premises. The roll-up system, including the case and the transport bag, is simple and manageable.

You will be able to mount your banner immediately. In our online store, you can select the different materials for printing your roll-ups according to your needs. For example, choose the 450 g/m² anti-reflective PVC tarpaulin for fairs and congresses. Use the Airtex opaque polyester fabric as a separator or dividing screen. Our high-quality printing roll-ups are the most suitable advertising support for promotion and sales actions, perfect for presenting your logo, slogan, or even the photo of your products, offering you a large printing surface.

Streamers – Saxoprin -Your Shop For Professional Advertising Media

A waving flag never goes unnoticed, especially the modern and attractive beach flags, which will perfectly display your advertising at any event, even outdoors. The banners hold up perfectly and generate a lot of buzz, for example flanking a corporate image campaign or as an advertisement in front of your store. The vivid colour printing on the lightweight 110 g/m² flag fabric, as well as its size, available up to 5.20 meters high, pique the interest of drivers and passers-by.

For this, we offer 5 feet or different supports for your choice. So your banners stay securely in place and have enough space to flap naturally in the wind. The advertising banners are available in 4 formats and different sizes, each to suit any of your campaign and design needs. They are also washable and resistant to sunlight (UV rays), wind, and adverse weather.

For this reason, you can use the banners for sporting events outdoors and fairs or congresses in closed venues. Use them even at the entrance of hotels or shopping centres to mark the entrance and welcome customers. Your advertising will be visible on both sides, one of them inverted since the flag’s material is translucent. Use this effect to your advantage by presenting a suitable design that works for both sides.

For this reason, you can use the banners for sporting events outdoors and fairs or congresses in closed venues. Use them even at the entrance of hotels or shopping centres to mark the entrance and welcome customers. Your advertising will be visible on both sides, one of them inverted since the flag’s material is translucent. Use this effect to your advantage by presenting a suitable design that works for both sides.

For this reason, you can use the banners for sporting events outdoors and fairs or congresses in closed venues. Use them even at the entrance of hotels or shopping centres to mark the entrance and welcome customers. Your advertising will be visible on both sides, one of them inverted since the flag’s material is translucent. Use this effect to your advantage by presenting a suitable design that works for both sides.

L-Shaped Banner – Saxoprin -Your Shop For Professional Advertising Media

With the L-Banner, you are betting on lightweight advertising support with a noble chromed aluminium finish on the frame. Just as simple as a roll-up, this advertising display is mounted. Your advertising for fairs and congresses, or as a complement for your promotional stands, will be ready in a short time. The banner catches the eye, supported by its L-shaped system, without needing any other type of support or anchoring on the ceiling or wall. They work perfectly in your company’s lobby, shopping centres, or training rooms. We print the resistant Airtex fabric of 80 cm x 215 cm in 4/0 CMYK inks and deliver it to you, including the frame, in a practical transport bag. You can also order just the printed canvas without the fastening system. The 330 g/m² fabric is B1 certified, anti-flammable material,

Banner An X

This advertising product is perfect for commercial actions, such as presenting new products and services, tastings, promotions, and sales. It is available in 3 sizes, the smallest being 30 x 43 cm, and can be used on a counter. You can also print your banners in X, 70 cm x 175 cm, or 190 cm high. The X-frame is light and flexible aluminium, so the advertising banner is taut with metal eyelets (rings) in the corners of the canvas. You can change the motif of the flag at any time, ordering your banners printed without the fastening system. Printing is done in 4/0 CMYK inks on 500 g/m² PVC canvas. It is an opaque, washable, and UV-resistant fabric.

Banners Textiles – Saxoprin -Your Shop For Professional Advertising Media

An exceptionally versatile advertising product from our online shop is the textile banner. We offer this product in 4 different materials: 110 g/m² banner fabric, 200 g/m² decorative fabric, 240 g/m² screen fabric, and 330 g/m² polyester fabric (Airtex). All materials have the B1 anti-fire certification, being fire retardant and washable. Indoors, you can use the textile banners as a hanging advertisement or decorative element, as a background in sales stands, or as a room divider. Outdoors, hang your advertising from balconies, scaffolding, bridges, walls, or fences. We also provide different finishes on your textile banners, such as metal eyelets (rings) or the perimeter rim (hem), which facilitate optimal installation and fixing.

Advertising Banners

Our advertising banners are 500 g/m² PVC and 330 g/m² mesh. The durable, opaque PVC tarpaulin is particularly resistant and has spectacular colour brilliance and print definition, making it perfect for fixing scaffolding, balconies, fences, or bridges. The mesh canvas offers less explanation in print due to the discontinuity due to the perforation of the material. Still, it offers other advantages since it allows light and air to pass through it.

This will be especially useful to cover facades and windows or to install in places with strong wind since it offers less resistance, avoiding the tension generated by the sail effect. In our store of advertising supports, you will find all the options to configure your banners, such as the finish with a border or perimeter hem and the metal eyelets or rings. You can easily install and change your covers at any time and safely. Printing can be done in various horizontal, vertical, and square formats. In our online printing house, you can order this product from 1 to 25 units, the price per unit being cheaper the more significant the order.

Advertising Panels

Exceptionally robust, durable, and decorative are rigid panels for advertising. Used as location signs office signs or information plaques in clinics. They help display your company symbol name opening hours and appointment times. Essential information for the user at a glance. We offer you three possible variants and sizes to provide you with the most relevant advertising displays that your company needs. The printing on a 3 mm aluminium composite panel, widely used outdoors, the 5 mm thick PVC panel, widely used for trade fairs, and the 5 mm thick transparent acrylic glass panel, or white underprint, is most commonly used. For decoration.

Trade Show Walls – Saxoprin -Your Shop For Professional Advertising Media

The mobile walls made of textile canvas or PVC are presented. As the ideal complement to our advertising products for SAXOPRINT fairs and congresses. Alone or combined with a counter or stand advertising walls are suitable for separating or delimiting spaces and drawing visitors’ attention. A tasting in a supermarket. The presentation of a product or service, the launch of a brand, a ‘photocall’ for an event, or the information booth of your association or club, will achieve the desired success with this portable system.

The folding structure and the included accessories, such as magnets and velcro straps, will be sent to you perfectly packaged in a ‘trolley’ (suitcase) or transport bag, suitable for the product and model chose. The trade show wall can be installed alone or with the help of another person. And it fits in almost any vehicle. The printed canvas can be exchanged at any time. This product will guarantee you a professional and impressive staging. Trade fair walls are robust and washable. To obtain the best colours and definitions, we print the walls for trade shows by sublimation or digital printing. We advise you on the use of products indoors and outdoors, as well as on the correct use and maintenance of accessories and mounting structures. If items get wet,

Trade Show Counters

In our advertising media store, we offer counters and stands for trade fairs in 2 different models: the straight counter with top and inner shelf in beech wood colour, printed on textile material. And the oval counter with blackboard and printing on PVC canvas. Both systems are foldable and combine perfectly with the walls and banners. The meeting can done by one person and also the transport in its bag. For tastings and tastings, we recommend the oval stand for its rigidity and ease of washing. Straight counters are more appropriate for information stands since they will allow you to organize all your brochures, flyers, business cards, and stationery inside, on the built-in shelf, or additional shelf. Our counters have the B1 anti-fire certificate,

Folding Tents – Saxoprin -Your Shop For Professional Advertising Media

Our online printing house’s offer of tents or folding tents includes assembly systems and lighter structures. In 3 different sizes they have the printed cover, the design, ropes and fixing pieces and the transport case or ‘trolley. You can also modify the configuration of the side canvases’ walls, doors, and windows, printable inside and outside.

Tents or marquees are the essential advertising elements when organizing outdoor shows, events, or fairground conferences. Sports clubs event and party organizing agents. Wedding celebration companies anniversaries and also company parties. Know the quality and suitability of our advertising tents. The polyester material is 100% waterproof, resistant to sunlight and UV rays, and fire retardant, so the tents can also used for meetings and significant indoor events.

Our folding tents are available in 3 sizes: 3m x 3m, 3m x 4.5m, or 3m x 6m. Printing on 600D polyester provides impressive, extensive format advertising, visible on your marquee from a long distance. This will get the attention of users, visitors, and potential customers, even from afar. The ease of assembly flexibility and versatility of the elements of our tents. Will allow you to quickly adapt to the conditions of each event and react to changes that occur. Close or open the windows according to the temperature and wind conditions. Remove some walls in case of high temperatures or remain more open. To the outside and also allow more fluid traffic of the attendees to the event.

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