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SEO Training, Is it Profitable?

SEO Training, Is it Profitable?

SEO Training: Before registering for training, the learner always asks himself this question, is an activity in natural referencing of websites profitable? Will I be an SEO expert?

First of all and before answering this question, it is necessary to explain what SEO is because people who do not know this field believe that SEO is only the addition of some keywords on their website. Being an expert in any area of activity requires:

  • Wide experience
  • Good practice
  • Lots of knowledge
  • Also, the Ability to analyze, audit, and evaluate.

SEO is a job that requires a lot of effort, concentration, and creativity, but it’s still an exciting job. Let’s go back to the main question: can I be an SEO expert after taking part in a few days’ training? The answer, frankly, is NO! Don’t panic. Replace the word “SEO expert” with “good SEO consultant,” which is already an excellent start.

The Training must be Simple, Educational, and for all Levels

For SEO training to be successful, it needs to be:

  • Pedagogical and simplified: as the field of SEO for Google is a fairly complex field, SEO training must be educational and at the level of the learner so that he can assimilate all the SEO strategies and subsequently master them.
  • Personalized SEO training: personalized SEO training adapt to the learner’s and company’s needs and objectives.

The Objectives of SEO Training

  • In this section, we must distinguish between 2 types of objectives:
  • The general or global purposes of the training
  • Personalized goals adapted to the needs of the learner or the company

A) Regarding the first point, the overall objectives of the training: These objectives include general knowledge and mastery of all SEO strategies and tools, such as:

  • Understand how search engines work
  • Have the ability to structure the site by creating an “SEO friendly” tree structure
  • Have the ability to choose the most relevant words
  • Mastery of the long tail strategy (which is the basis of SEO)
  • Media optimization (images and videos)
  • Optimizing the URL of each page
  • Mastering writing for the web
  • Mastering UX (user experience)
  • Master the visibility audit
  • Master the internal link
  • The ability to detect and resolve site issues
  • Mastering net linking
  • Understand the site’s buzz and dissemination strategies
  • Controlling distribution on social networks
  • Mastering Google tools (analytics – search console – My Business)
  • Master external diagnostic tools (ahrefs – semrush)

Being the basis of SEO, all the above points are essential to becoming an excellent natural referencing consultant without going into the details of your needs or objectives.

B) Regarding the second point, personalized needs and objectives: personalized training deals with and also considers a few specific needs directly related to your website or your field of activity.

Personalized SEO training is educational training that considers the type of site in question (e-commerce site, personal blog, institutional site, showcase site, etc.) and also the level of knowledge the candidate wishes to achieve according to his needs.

On the other hand, we will find that the companies’ objectives are different, and each of these objectives has its SEO techniques.

Here are some examples of goals:

  • Boost a brand
  • Get traffic to their site
  • Earn leads
  • Make sales online
  • Promote points of sale
  • And many others


You will only ever be an expert when participating in well-developed training because that is the basis.

Yes, this training is very profitable

It’s up to you!

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