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12 Content Formats to Enrich Your Digital Marketing Strategy

12 Content Formats to Enrich Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy: Learn about the different content formats you can use with your digital presence on the web and social networks.

Do you remember that I told you about unique content and shared a graphic with the recommended content formats for each stage of the purchase cycle?

And well, since photos are not everything, I will define the different content formats you can take advantage of on the web and social networks. You already distinguish and use some of them, but some may be new to you.

What are those Content Formats?


A text on its own, possibly overlooked, but put it on a photo or an X background, and the impact will be different.

They are highly used to share:

  • Phrases
  • Statistical data
  • Tips
  • promotions

There are several ways you can leverage video to connect with the consumer. [I will write about it soon]


Video is currently the most consumed content format on the Internet. And this is no longer just on YouTube. Social networks have risen in this trend and are being updated every second, and this is why initiatives such as Facebook Watch and Instagram TV have been so successful.

It is a highly engaging content format. These require a more significant investment of time and resources, but it is worth it since it captures people’s attention more than any other format.

There are numerous ways you can leverage video to connect with the consumer:

  • On your website as a hero video
  • In a blog post
  • In the different social networks
  • Among others

Live Streaming

The same video fever has brought with it the boom of live video. Originally it was only possible to do them through some live streaming service, then services like Periscope and Meerkat made an appearance. Later Youtube and Facebook, and then everything got out of control.

Brands to: regularly use it

  • Show what happens behind the scenes
  • Questions and answers
  • Interviews
  • Show how it is done or how it happens
  • Do product launch
  • events

The trick is in the exciting content, the consistency, good connection and the video quality.


An infographic is a graphic that uses visual elements to present information. They are regularly used to visualize data, step-by-step processes, timelines, research results, organizational hierarchies, and any other type of information.

Did you know infographics are one of the most significant shared content formats on the Internet? And this is because it makes complex information easy to understand. And the infographic:

  • Simplify complex information
  • Condense long reports, blog posts or book sections into just one page.
  • Make boring information more interesting through illustrative visuals.


The ebook or electronic book is another excellent way to deliver content fast, and if you do it right, you can make it a great way to help people solve their problems. Plus, you can use it as a lead magnet.

Guides or How to

They are a kind of electronic book that contains instructions to carry out an action step by step.


People love having tools that make their day-to-day tasks more accessible, which is why templates are so popular. You can create templates of all kinds:

  • To create a budget
  • To calculate loans
  • To track goals
  • To create content
  • calculators

Reports / White Paper

Conferring to Hubspot, a white paper is a persuasive, authoritative, in-depth technical report on a specific topic that presents a problem and provides a solution.

The best White Papers:

  • They focus on a critical problem
  • They are relatively short, between 6 to 10 pages
  • Use information obtained from deep research
  • Use verifiable statistics


A webinar is nothing more than an online seminar or conference, and it is an excellent content format for business. It is even a very effective way to generate leads.

A webinar can also be a question and answer session, but it can also be used as a platform to sample products or services to people who are ready to buy.

According to ReadyTalk, between 20% and 40% of the people who participate in a webinar become qualified leads. That is, in charge, they are more likely to become customers.

On the other hand, Branded Solopreneur also established that 2% and 5% become customers after participating in a webinar.

Study cases

Success stories are one of the most effective content formats when it comes to influencing purchase decisions, as they allow you to show your ideal customers:

  • Ways you helped other people solve their problems
  • that they can trust you


Has it happened to you that you create a presentation with great content, you use it in an event, but after that, you never hear from it again?

Wouldn’t you like to take advantage of fantastic content as an educational tool for your target audience and influence their purchasing decisions?

If you publish your presentations on a platform like Slideshare, you can get benefits such as increased traffic to your website.


According to Inboundcycle, a podcast is an audio piece with a defined periodicity and continuity, which can be downloaded from the Internet.

Podcasting is a countless way to connect with your audience, especially if they’re the type of person who doesn’t have time to sit down and read content every day.

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